Guest Safety

Hostess House is a contemporary home located in Primrose Park, a low crime, mellow neighborhood which is great for casual walking.   Inn safety measures include:

Guest Reviews

"Very clean and safe, near the bus stop. I took public transportation to and from my work all week."
Carolyn Miller, Bozeman, MT.

"Cleanliness - everything was spotless, the kind of clean where you feel like you can go barefoot. Safety - Milli has an alarm system and Neighborhood Watch (includes Citizen Patrol) which made us feel very secure in a big city."
Ken and Sherri Ann Bennett, Lynchburg, VA.

"Extremely clean and comfortable yet not fussy. Super accommodation for disabled people."
Mary Ellen Nelson, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

"I witnessed the great interest Milli has in organizing the people in the neighborhood (Neighborhood Watch Potluck in backyard) to keep it safe. Everything very clean!"
Dr. Luis Barrios, Chiapas, Mexico.

"Spotless, cheery, well lighted. Bathtub safety bar. Security System."
Linda Mattox, Munford, AL.

"Immaculate. Better than some hotels I have been in. I felt especially safe. I only took mass transit and I felt very safe walking the short distance from the bus stop to her house."
Mary Van Vranken, Stockton, CA.

"Very clean. We are on our honeymoon and who needs a fancy hotel when you can stay here. Fabulous!"
Jacob and Rebecca Koski, Basalt, CO.

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Hostess House Bed and Breakfast - Portland, Oregon
Your Hostess: Milli Laughlin
5758 N. E. Emerson St
Portland, OR 97218
Local: 503-282-7892
Toll free: 800-760-7799