A Time To Dance
Crisis Recovery Family & Relationships / General
Publication Date: August 2005
Price: $16.95
Author: Milli Laughlin
ISBN: 0-595-36389-X
180 Pages
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In August of 1983, Mark Laughlin, a young seminary student, was involved in a seemingly minor bicycling accident. Thirty-three hours later, he was lying in bed, his body stiff from convulsions and blood gushing from his mouth.

It's seldom that we are allowed to watch a crisis unfold in which the key players simply let God be God. Many people believe that God is in control and can do what he pleases, that is, until we are gripped by an overwhelming experience. When a trauma of this magnitude strikes, we often question and criticize God. In Laughlin's story, A time to Dance, we see how belief in God's sovereignty affects the individual, the family, the pastor, and the church. We see faith stretched to the breaking point but never lost or broken. In spite of the hopelessness of Mark's situation, the Laughlin family clings to their faith in God - a faith also willing to release a beloved son and brother, if that is indeed part of God's plan.

A Time to Dance is a powerful illustration of the unwavering devotion displayed by the Laughlins. It takes you behind the scenes of a tragedy and allows you to share in the miraculous experiences of a family that truly trusted God.

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